Orbs and the Afterlife: Survival of the Soul (Paperback)

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Discover the link between the orb phenomenon and our true identities as eternal souls

  1. Read firsthand accounts of orb encounters.
  2. Learn the secrets of great orb photography.
  3. Learn to identify the difference between lens flare and real orbs.
  4. Discover how orbs are connected to near-death experiences and the human soul.
  5. View photographs of deceased loved ones requested to appear as orbs.
  6. See photographs of the tunnel described by near-death experiencers through which we travel after the death of our physical body.

Drawn from Virginia's years of research and experience with the orb phenomenon, she includes over one hundred-sixy photographs, and stories from around the world corroborating this connection--validated by doctors, scientists and healthcare workers.

Her connection with the orb phenomenon started with the appearance of a brilliant ball of light or orb, twenty months after the death of her son. From there, it led to people, places, research and experiences that revealed the workings of a divine plan and clues to our eternal nature hidden in plain sight.

VIRGINIA M. HUMMEL is the Chairman of Orb Encounters at Eternea.org. She is a writer, inspirational speaker and researcher on Spiritually Transformative Experiences and the Orb Phenomenon.

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ISBN: 9780983478744
ISBN-10: 0983478740
Publisher: Virginia Hummel
Publication Date: August 15th, 2017
Pages: 242
Language: English