Hellcity (Paperback)

Hellcity Cover Image
By Macon Blair, Joe Flood (Illustrator)
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Hellcity, Hell. Population infinity. A nightmare metropolis where cursed human souls go about their dreary "lives" as second-class citizens endlessly tormented by the cruel, demonic upper crust. Tension simmers as social unrest verges on civil war: human revolutionaries vs. the demon fascists. The Devil himself is losing control of the government . . . and perhaps his sanity. Whispers of a coup are in the works. Enter Bill Tankerslee: former private eye, now a kitchen slave and damned by suicide. He's approached by the mysterious she-demon Mary, who blackmails him into undertaking a top-secret mission: to spy on the Devil to determine the cause of his meltdown and to stop it. The future of Hell may depend on it, but Bill's not so sure when he sees Lucifer sneaking a visit to Bill's dead wife! Set in a garish noir netherworld, this over-the-topic graphic novel showcases two new stars in the field.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780976303831
Publisher: Gigantic Graphic Novels
Publication Date: November 1st, 2006
Pages: 104