Lee-Enfield Rifle Exploded Drawings and Parts Lists: Rifles No. 1 MARK III (SMLE) - No. 3 (Pattern 14) - No. 4 Marks I & 2 (Paperback)

Lee-Enfield Rifle Exploded Drawings and Parts Lists: Rifles No. 1 MARK III (SMLE) - No. 3 (Pattern 14) - No. 4 Marks I & 2 By Frederic Faust Cover Image
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Know your Rifle

We recommend this book for anyone who has a Lee-Enfield rifle for the way it shows phantom parts drawings, lists each part and gives its Ministry of Defence part number. It is copiously illustrated. More particularly, this book covers the following rifles:

  • Lee-Enfield Rifles No. 1 Mark III (the venerable SMLE)
  • The Enfield No. 3 (Pattern 14)
  • Rifle No. 4 Mark I and Mark I*
  • Use this book to aid in disassembly and re-assembly and learn the proper nomenclature for a particular part.

The No. 1 MARK III, affectionately known as the SMLE, was built at Royal Enfield in England and Lithgow in Australia.

The Lee-Enfield Rifle Number 4 Mark I was built in England at a number of factories: Namely, the Royal Ordnance Factory, Fazakerley, the Royal Ordnance Factory, Maltby, and finally the Birmingham Small Arms Company an expedient wartime variation, the Lee-Enfield Rifle Number 4 Mark I* was built in Canada at the Long Branch Arsenal and in the United States of America, by Savage at Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.

Many military firearms aficionados consider Rifle No. 4s (all makes and marks) to be the best bolt action rifles fielded during World War II.

This guide's diagrams are clear and informative. Copiously illustrated, phantom drawings of the various models of Lee-Enfield SMLE and the Pattern 14 Enfield show in great detail all assemblies and parts. Each part is identified by name and number.

Besides the rifles proper, also illustrated are all of the necessary accessories: Bayonets, sling, and issue cleaning components, including the oil bottle, bore pull-through, and wire gauze.

This collection of drawings and parts lists is highly recommended for anyone wanting a breakdown of the internal workings of their venerable rifle. It is beneficial for identifying missing parts when rebuilding a sporterized rifle.

This book is printed in large format (8 X 10) for easier viewing of the schematic drawings.

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Nota bene: This book does not cover the Lee-Enfield 2A rifle (7.62 mm NATO caliber), built at Ishapore, India.

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