The Bohemian Guide to Urban Cycling (Paperback)

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Cycling as a way of life and mode of transportation is on the rise in city after city around the world. For those looking to dip their proverbial toes into the waters of urban cycling the prospect at times can be rather intimidating. What kind of bike should I ride? A skinny-wheeled high-end road bike? A fixie? A chunky city commuter bike? A department store bike? How about fashion? Do I have to wear brightly colored skin-tight Lycra outfits? Can I just wear normal clothes? How do I lug my gear around? The Bohemian Guide to Urban Cycling takes the reader into the world and workings of cycling in the city to uncover the essentials to join in on the cycling revolution. Your bicycling guide on this journey is a card-carrying bohemian living in Portland. By using the bike-crazy city of Portland as the backdrop, this book covers all of the basics needed to bike comfortably in the city and to know what the heck you're talking about ... from bike selection to fashion to bike lanes to gentrification and more. After reading this you'll know precisely what to ride, how to ride, what to wear, and how to talk like an insider. Well, maybe not, but it'll still be a fun journey together.But this book is more than about urban-cycling fashion and high-end bikes. It also plunges headlong into conversations about mobility, equity, race, and justice. If there is going to be a book about all-things cycling in the city it must delve into these uncomfortable topics in order to develop a more holistic view of urban cycling. The bottom line must be to affirm all kinds of people pedaling through the streets of our cities on anything that rolls.

About the Author

Sean Benesh lives in Portland, Oregon. He has experience as a mountain biking, hiking, and urban cycling guide in Arizona and Oregon. Everything that Sean rides is a singlespeed whether on the road or on the dirt. Gears are overrated ... When not on the trail or zipping through the streets of Portland on his bike, you'll find him hunkered down in a coffee shop reading and writing. Sean completed his doctorate focusing on urban studies with attention given to faith-based non-profit community development in gentrifying neighborhoods. You can connect with him at @mtbikerguy or

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ISBN: 9780692289808
ISBN-10: 0692289801
Publisher: Urban Loft Publishers
Publication Date: November 5th, 2014
Pages: 192
Language: English