The Last Word (Paperback)

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Sal Terranova and Camden Templeton are cousins separated by upbringing, the Atlantic Ocean, and a common language. But fate, a run of bad luck, and a dead uncle have thrown them together, and together they must save the family bookstore from financial ruin, from its own insane employees, and probably from themselves. This is the story of what happens when The Sopranos meets Fawlty a bookstore.

About the Author

Paul Combs was born in Texas on the same day as Stonewall Jackson and Jack Nicklaus. Though not as famous (yet) as those two American giants, he can putt better than Stonewall and lead an infantry charge better than Nicklaus. His ultimate goal (besides being a roadie for the E Street Band) is to make reading, writing, and books in general as popular in Texas as high school football. It may take a while. "The Last Word" is his first novel.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780692235386
ISBN-10: 0692235388
Publisher: Stratford Press
Publication Date: June 26th, 2014
Pages: 332
Language: English