Your HR Goldmine: How to Turn Your Human Resources Know-How Into a Lucrative Second Income & Make A Difference in People's Lives...Witho (Paperback)

Your HR Goldmine: How to Turn Your Human Resources Know-How Into a Lucrative Second Income & Make A Difference in People's Lives...Witho Cover Image
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Frustrated by your HR day job, but can't afford to quit? Discover how you can make more money on the side, create a profoundly more meaningful HR career for yourself...and become a powerful difference in other people's lives. How? By simply sharing what you already know about Human Resources. In this pull-no-punches, tell-all book, Alan Collins takes you by the hand and reveals step-by-step how to quickly and easily package, promote and cash in on your HR know-how and advice, without leaving your day job in Human Resources. You don't have to be a corporate HR executive or a highly-paid consultant to do this because it doesn't matter how much (or how little) Human Resources experience you have. If you can document and organize your HR ideas, perspectives and point-of-view into tiny, little written reports, this book shows you how you can profit BIG. Within these pages, you'll discover how to capitalize on the fact that: * The know-how, skills or experience that you've already acquired in your HR day job is a goldmine...and one that you can turn into extra income. * The key to cashing in on your human resources expertise and knowledge lies in being able to "package" it up FAST...and in a way that others can EASILY access it, benefit from it and pay you for it. * Once you've gotten paid the first time, you can repeat this process over and over again to literally build a second income empire. * You can do all this a few hours a week on evenings or weekends. Just simply follow the 7-day step-by-step plan laid out in this book. There's nothing for you to figure out on your own. If you have a computer with internet access, and a few hours a week, you've got everything you need to get started. If you're looking for a practical, doable way to monetize your HR know-how, talents and gifts and get them out into the world, where they can be recognized, appreciated and truly make a difference...well, you've now found it.

About the Author

ALAN COLLINS is Founder of Success in HR and author of two best-sellers, "Unwritten HR Rules" and "Best Kept HR Secrets." He was formerly Vice President of Human Resources at PepsiCo where he led HR initiatives for their Quaker Oats, Gatorade and Tropicana businesses. He has provided his inspirational brand of career advice as a featured speaker at HR conferences throughout the U.S. and on the pages of HR Executive, HRM Today, Linked: HR, and Personal Branding. He earned his BS and MSIR degrees from Purdue. His works can be accessed at

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Publication Date: January 2nd, 2012
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