The Business of Aspiration: How Social, Cultural, and Environmental Capital Changes Brands (Paperback)

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The Business of Aspiration: How Social, Cultural, and Environmental Capital Changes Brands Cover Image
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The Business of Aspiration is about how consumers' shifting status symbols affect business and brand strategy. These changing status symbols, like taste, aesthetic innovation, curation or environmentalism create the modern aspirational economy.

In the traditional economy, consumers signaled their status through collecting commodities, Instagram followers, airline miles, and busy back-to-back schedules. By contrast, in the aspirational economy, consumers increasingly convey status through collecting knowledge, taste, micro-communities, and influence. This new capital changes the way businesses and entire markets operate, and yet the modern aspirational economy is still an under-explored area in business and culture. The Business of Aspiration changes that. 

In this book, marketers will find examples, analyses and tools on how brands can successfully grow in the modern aspirational economy. The Business of Aspiration answers questions like, "what is good for my brand long-term?", "how is this business decision going to impact our culture?" or "what are the main objectives of our growth?" Marketers will learn to shift their brand narrative and competitive strategy, to create and distribute new brand symbols, and to ensure that their brand's products and services create both monetary and social value.

About the Author

Ana Andjelic is an experienced strategy executive who specializes in modern luxury brands. Named to Forbes CMO Next, Ana earned her doctorate in sociology and worked at the world's top brands and advertising agencies. She is also a widely read columnist, public speaker, and advisor. She lives in New York City.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780367554408
ISBN-10: 0367554402
Publisher: Routledge
Publication Date: October 29th, 2020
Pages: 94
Language: English