Acopladitos is a kid-friendly band dedicated to teaching Spanish language through music and movement to young learners. The word "acopladitos" in Spanish can be translated to mean "being together in complete harmony" and refers to much more than just music. An Acopladitos experience is designed to cultivate your child's first musical encounters through singing, creative movement, music-making, games and dramatic play. Designed and led by composer Angelica Negrón and ethnomusicologist Noraliz Ruiz, in collaboration with visual artist Tatiana Arocha, the band and their music education program were created to fill a void in early childhood Spanish-language music education in NYC. The team of Brooklyn-based experienced educators and artists saw a demand for engaging children in a more collaborative and exciting musical experience that nurtures the child's artistic, intellectual, physical and socio-emotional development, with appealing music that parents would actually enjoy as much as their children.

At Greenlight, Nora and Angélica guide children through a fun and interactive musical experience enhanced by delightful illustrations and props. Children listen, play, move, and sing along to live music en Español including Latin American favorites and original songs from Acopladito' wonderful CD/Book Music for Cool Kids en Español.