About Greenlight's First Editions Club

Greenlight Bookstore's First Editions Club is a subscription service offering one newly published literary work each month, in a collectible first edition signed by the author. 

Launched in January 2013, the Greenlight FEC celebrates the value of the printed book and the joy of reading (click here for a letter on the occasion of the launch). Greenlight's selection committee draws on years of book industry experience in choosing titles; many selections have gone on to win major literary awards.  The First Editions Club is a great way to keep up with what’s significant and new in the world of books, whether you are a collector or just a passionate reader. And a subscription makes a magnificent gift for the bibliophile in your life. Purchase a subscription to begin your collection.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a signed first edition? Why is it valuable?
A first edition is the original printing of a book. First editions are distinguished from subsequent printings, as they represent the closest edition in time and intent to the author's original work. A signed first edition is a unique addition to any library, and to dealers and collectors, a signed first edition is the most desirable -- and valuable -- edition.

Why choose Greenlight’s FEC?
Greenlight Bookstore has become known as one of Brooklyn’s literary and cultural tastemakers. We curate hundreds of titles each season for our shelves, displays, and author events, bringing together what we feel are the best books for our customers. But the First Editions Club selections -- just one each month -- are books we truly love.  Each one is a book we have enjoyed reading; a book we appreciate as a beautiful object; a book we think is important and valuable;  a book we want to share with you.  Whether you're a collector or you just want to keep your shelves stocked with great reading each month, a Greenlight First Editions Club subscription is a great choice.

How does Greenlight make its selections?
The Greenlight First Editions Club selection committee, a seasoned group of book world professionals, reads advance copies of books several months before their publication. We choose our selections based on a number of factors including book-world buzz about the book, literary merit, design quality, and pure reading enjoyability.

Do FEC books get special treatment, since they are meant to be collectible?
Each first edition, first printing hardcover book is inspected upon arrival to make sure it is as pristine as possible -- no nicks, tears, smudges or other damage.  Each book is wrapped in a protective clear Mylar covering, then wrapped in brown paper.  For shipping, books are carefully packed in bubble wrap and placed in a perfectly sized box for shipping via trackable FedEx Home Delivery.

How do books get autographed by the author?
Many books that are selected for the First Editions Club are also part of our events programming, so an author may sign FEC copies when they come to the store for their reading event.  Other authors may stop by just to sign, or books may be signed at the publisher's office or even at the author's home before being shipped to the store.  (All FEC selected books are signed in person by the author; no "tip-in" signed pages are used.)

What does it cost to join?
Joining costs just a penny!  Subscribers are charged monthly for the list price of the book, plus $14.00 shipping and handling or $2.00 handling for in-store pickup.  Greenlight also offers a six-month gift subscription for the one-time fee of $250.  Sales tax may apply.

Can I pick up my selection in the bookstore instead of having it shipped?
Yes!  Greenlight now offers a pickup in store subscription option.  A handling fee of $2.00 is applied each month, in addition to the cost of the book.  Books that are not picked up at the store within 30 days of notification will be automatically shipped to the subscriber, and an additional $12.00 charged for shipping.

Can I give a gift subscription?
Absolutely! A subscription is a terrific present for loved ones, and a six-month gift subscription is a great introduction.  Make sure you select the “gift subscription” option on the product page. Once a gift subscription has been purchased, we’ll send the recipient a letter introducing them to the program.

What if I don’t like a selection?
You can exchange any title under Greenlight’s normal return policy. No refunds, exchanges only. Exchanges will be for the value of the cover price of the book. We cannot guarantee a replacement title will be a signed first printing. Exchanges are limited to one title every six months.

Are international subscriptions available?
Not at this time.

Does purchase of the First Edition Club subscription count toward the Friends of Greenlight Frequent Buyer Program?

Can teacher, student, senior citizen, or other discounts apply to the First Edition Club subscription?

Do you ever offer signed books other than your monthly FEC selections?
Yes! You can visit our Signed Copies page to see the autographed editions we currently have in stock.  And in our monthly e-mail to subscribers about upcoming selections, we will periodically offer other signed first editions we think our members might be interested in.

How do I sign up?
You can purchase an ongoing subscription or a  six-month gift subscription online.

What if I have a question that’s not answered here?
Please email us at fec@greenlightbookstore.com