Flatbush Avenue store closure information

Greenlight Bookstore's location at 632 Flatbush Avenue closed May 14, 2023.

Click here to read the email to customers about the closure

Click here to view a video from owner Jessica Stockton Bagnulo about what this closure means (and doesn't mean)



Answers to frequently asked questions:

Q: Is Greenlight going out of business?

A: Definitely not!  Our Fort Greene bookstore at 686 Fulton Street remains open for business, and we plan to continue to serve Brooklyn as a welcoming space for discovery, conversation and connection around books.


Q: Why is the Flatbush store closing?

A: Feel free to read through the email linked above for more detail, but the short answer is that as much as we loved it, the Flatbush Avenue location is not covering its costs, and needs to close for the company overall to remain sustainable.


Q: Is there anything we could have done / can do to save the store?

A: We -- the bookstore and the community -- have done our best to make it work, and it did work in many ways!  But the decision has been made after much deliberation and data-crunching; it's too late for many reasons to make changes at this point. (But that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do!)


Q: What can we do now?

A: Support Greenlight by shopping at 632 Flatbush Avenue until May 14, and then hopping on the Q for two stops to shop at 686 Fulton!  You can help to keep Greenlight around for many years to come. We also encourage you to support other Flatbush / Prospect Lefferts Gardens neighborhood bookstores like Cafe con Libros and Cups and Books.


Q: Can I still shop at the Flatbnush store?  Can I still place special orders at the Flatbush store?

A: Yes, please do still shop at the store through May 14! We will be accepting new special orders through April 4, 2023.  After that date, we encourage you to place orders on our website for shipping or for pickup at our Fulton Street store.


Q: What if I can't pick up my special order before the store closes?

A: Any remaining special orders after May 14 will be transferred to our Fulton Street store; you can pick them up there (subject to regular special order guidelines).


Q: What if I pre-ordered a book to pick up at the Flatbush store?

A: Any pre-orders with publication dates after May 9, 2023 will be transferred to the Fulton Street store.  We will contact customers to let them know their preordered book is available for pickup at Fulton Street.


Q: What if I have a First Editions Club subscription that I pick up at the Flatbush store?

A: Your subscription will be transferred to the Fulton Street store. (More questions? Email fec@greenlightbookstore.com)


Q: Have events at the store been canceled?

A: We will still host events at the store up until our final week; any events scheduled at the store after the closure have been moved or rescheduled.  Check out our Events Calendar for details.


Q: Will there be discounts since the store is closing!

A: Yes!  Everything in the Flatbush store is currently 20% off, so it's a great time to stock up on books -- get yours before it's all gone!  (We'll have even deeper discounts for our last week, but available titles will be even fewer!)


Q: Are you selling any of your fixtures or shelving?

A: Yes; some things will be moved to the Fulton Street store but some items will be for sale.  Click here to shop for tables, racks, chairs, and more (pickup only, through May 30).


Q: How can we say goodbye? Will there be a party?

A: We love parties, even goodbye parties!  We can't think of a better way to say thank you and salute our partners and neighbors.  Join us 5pm-7pm on Sunday, March 14 for music, drinks, and toasts (and maybe some surprises as well). Click here to RSVP!


Q: I have more questions / suggestions / complaints! Should I come into the store and tell the staff?

A: Nope! Please don't direct anything other than straight-up, unconditional supportiveness to the sales floor staff.  If you have questions or theories or ideas (or hard feelings), please email Jessica directly at jessica@greenlightbookstore.com.


Have questions not answered here?  Email info@greenlightbookstore.com or jessica@greenlightbookstore.com and we'll get it to the right person!