First Editions Club Subscription: Ongoing


A First Editions Club subscription entitles subscribers to a signed first edition of a newly published book each month. Greenlight's committee of experts carefully selects from the best of hardcover fiction, for a range of titles sure to please both readers and collectors.  For more information about the program, check the About page or email

Your one cent subscription purchase allows Greenlight Bookstore to charge your card each month for the list price of the selected book, plus shipping and handling. (Please note, we do not accept PayPal for ongoing subscriptions)

Monthly subscription cost includes list price of featured book, plus shipping & handling.  Sales tax will be charged when applicable. 

Credit card information is stored securely in our encrypted system (please note: the box indicating "Save this credit card for later use" must remain checked when credit card information is entered).

Please choose "Shipping" or "In-Store Pickup".  Please enter your shipping address regardless of your selection.

  • SHIPPING: Books are shipped via UPS Ground Delivery.  A shipping and handling charge of $14.00 will be applied each month (covers postage, mylar book cover, and protective packaging).
  • PICK UP IN STORE: Books are packaged and held at the front desk and customer is notified.  A handling charge of $2.00 will be applied each month (covers mylar book cover and protective packaging).  Books not picked up within 30 days after notification will be automatically shipped to the subscriber, and an additional charge of $12.00 applied to cover shipping.

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