Brooklyn Community Housing and Services (BCHS)

Greenlight is honored to support the work of Brooklyn Community Housing and Services (BCHS) by helping to create a new on-site library at Arbor Inn, which welcomes and supports homeless single mothers with children under age 8.  We are also working to help provide book sets for children living at Arbor Inn.  Each child will be gifted with a mini-library, a set of four books to call their very own, while living at Arbor Inn.  This is a great way for our community to support these young children who are transitioning from homeless shelters to permanent housing.

You can support this work by purchasing books from the lists below!  In addition to your donation of books, Greenlight will donate 20% of all sales from the registry back to BCHS to support their literacy projects.  Click through for more information and title details.


Please check back in September for an updated library registry!



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