School Author Visits with Greenlight

Greenlight works with publishers to bring authors to speak at schools, and handle sales of the author’s book to students. Many award-winning children’s authors are local to Brooklyn or come through on book tour, and there is no better way to get kids excited about books than through a presentation with a live author! Read on for more information, and use the link below to inquire about hosting an author at your school.

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Greenlight Author/Illustrator Visit FAQs

Q. I’m interested in booking a visit! How do I get started?

A. Email our school partnerships manager using the link at the bottom of this page to express your interest. If you have specific requests for certain grades/ages, categories of books or authors, visit dates, or other details, you can include that information as well.


Q. Is there a fee associated with hosting a school author visit?

A. Author visits organized through Greenlight are 100% free! There is no fee or minimum order requirement for the school.


Q. What kinds of authors visit schools through Greenlight?

A. We work with all kinds of authors and illustrators for our school visit program. Sometimes they live locally, and other times they’re passing through New York on tours for their new books. In previous school years, we’ve coordinated visits with a variety of wonderful authors and illustrators including Selina Alko, Kelly Barnhill, Jon Klassen, George O’Connor, and Kate Schatz and Miriam Stahl.


Q. How far out should we book an author visit?

A. We book author visits about two months in advance, and we try to schedule even further ahead of time when possible. If there is a specific date or time frame when you’d like to have a visit, it’s best to let us know as early as you can.


Q. Can we request a specific author?

A. Authors’ availability varies, so we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to book your school a visit with a specific author. However, we always want to hear your ideas for who you’d like to have visit! We have a wide network of publishing and author partners and do our best to fulfill your requests whenever possible.


Q. One of our student’s parents is an author. Can we organize an author visit with them?

A. Yes, we’re glad to work on visits for an author who is a parent, employee, or friend of your school. Please contact us for more details on this process.


Q. What is the best way to prepare the students for an author visit?

A. Though we don’t require that schools or students buy books, we do ask that the school do its best to make sure that kids are excited and prepared for a visit. To that end, we offer schools the chance to purchase books for their classroom libraries ahead of time, and we can also provide a visit to students by one of our knowledgeable booksellers to tell them more the author and his or her books. When possible, we also encourage schools to prepare lesson plans or other classroom activities around the books featured at visits, and we can sometimes provide lesson planning resources for teachers.


Q. Can students pre-order the author’s books before the day of the visit? What about buying books at the visit?

A. Yes, we require that schools offer students the opportunity to pre-order books before the visit, using customized order forms that we provide. The school is responsible for collecting payment for pre-ordered books and then paying Greenlight for all books ordered by students. On the day of the visit, we’ll bring all of the pre-ordered books and facilitate having them signed and personalized by the author. We can also have a limited number of copies available for last- minute purchases on the day of the visit, but we encourage schools and students to use pre- orders as much as possible. We can make exceptions to this ordering procedure on a case-by- case basis if, for example, a school is interested in buying a class set of books for students in lieu of coordinating student orders.


Q. Can students pre-order books online?

A. Yes! We can create a dedicated web ordering page for your school’s visit. (Click here for an example.) All books purchased via web order will be delivered to the school, signed, and personalized by the author on the day of the visit.


Q. The school is tax-exempt. Will the students’ orders be taxed?

A. Pre-ordered books are not taxed, since the school is collecting the payment. Web orders are taxed, since Greenlight is collecting payment directly from customers for those orders.


Q. How many students should we have at one presentation? Do visits usually happen in a classroom, or would we need to hold it in our auditorium?

A. We can tailor a visit to fit your school’s needs and resources. Some of our visits are for a single class in a classroom, others might gather several classes together in the library, and the biggest visits take place in the school’s auditorium with one or more entire grades present.


Q. What should we expect on the day of the author visit?

A. A Greenlight bookseller will be present on the day of visit to help prepare for the presentation, facilitate the book signing, and assist with any additional details. Authors will sometimes ask the school to have a simple set-up ready for the presentation, such as an easel and drawing supplies or A/V for a PowerPoint presentation. Greenlight will communicate these requests to the school well ahead of time. At most visits, the author or illustrator will read some the featured book, present an interactive presentation about the book and/or creative process, and then take questions from students. Exact formats vary from author to author, but they’re always a lot of fun! After the presentation, the Greenlight bookseller will assist the author with the book signing and leave signed books with the school to distribute.


Click here to email the school partnerships manager