Greenlight's new ebook partner: Kobo!

Beginning this fall, Greenlight will be able to offer a total e-reading experience for our customers, including a full line of ereaders, ereading accessories, and ebooks from Kobo’s catalog of nearly 3 million titles. At the center of the program will be new e-readers from Kobo, a leader in ereading with more than 10 million registered users worldwide.

Since its inception in 2009, Kobo has built a global base of more than 10 million registered users in 190 countries and one of the largest ebook stores in the world, with 3 million books, newspapers, and magazines. Kobo’s Read Freely philosophy supports an open platform and adoption of industry standards to ensure that people own the books they buy and are never locked to one device or service. Additionally, Kobo offers free eReading apps so people can read conveniently anytime, anyplace from a device they already own. With Kobo, consumers can easily browse and shop from the Greenlight Bookstore website and automatically sync their library across most popular devices including iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, and smartphones, as well as all Kobo eReaders.

Once the partnership program launches later this fall, you'll be able buy not only ebooks through the Greenlight website, but also sharp new Kobo ereaders in the bookstore! They'll be here in time for the holiday shopping season.  Even if you've never considered an ereader before, we feel these readers may tempt you with their aesthetics, practicality, AND the opportunity to support your local independent bookstore.

We feel the new digital products and content we're able to offer are a perfect complement to our ongoing emphasis on the value of the printed book. Stay tuned for more details about Kobo ebooks and ereaders from Greenlight!