Gift Cards

Gift Cards & Gift Codes
You can purchase a physical Greenlight Gift Card (for use in bookstore locations); mail it free anywhere in the U.S. or have it picked up in the store.

Or purchase an Online Only Gift Code (for use on our website) to be emailed to your recipient instantaneously.

Make your purchase below, or click on the product name for more details.

Giving ebooks
Unfortunately you can no longer use Greenlight's online gift code to purchase ebooks, or to give to the ereaders in your life.  However, if you've signed up for a Kobo account through Greenlight, you can use Kobo's eGifting options to purchase ebooks for others -- and support Greenlight.  Even better: through Kobo you can either give a gift card, or, you can give a specific ebookRead more on Kobo's website.

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