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Start: 7:30 pm
Thursday, May 26, 7:30 PM Greenlight Summer Open Mic Series Hosted by Angel Nafis Featuring poets Jon Sands, Jeanann Verlee, and Taylor Mali from Writebloody Publishing In the spirit of bringing together the worlds of written literature and spoken word performance, Greenlight is excited to host a new monthly open mic series from May to August. Hosted by Greenlight's own Angel Nafis, a nationally recognized young performer and poet, the series will offer the opportunity for local poets and performers to bring their work to the microphone, and each evening will conclude with a featured performance by some of the most highly acclaimed stage poets in the New York scene. In May, the series features three+ poets published by Writebloody Publishing: Jon Sands, author of The New Clean, a professional artist and performer who has represented New York City multiple times at the National Poetry Slam; Taylor Mali, author of The Last Time As We Are, director of the New Teacher Project and creator of Teacher! Teacher! an award-winning one-man show about poetry, teaching, and math; and Jeanann Verlee, author of Racing Hummingbirds and a former punk rocker whose work has been published in a variety of journals and anthologies. Open mic participants should arrive at 7 PM to sign up for a reading slot; readings must be no more than three minutes. Wine will be served.
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