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Twenty-third century Earth, ravaged by climate change, looks backwards to the holy ideal of a pre-industrial Eden. Political power has been grabbed by a few powerful families and their green saints. Millions of people are imprisoned in teeming cities; millions more labour on Pharaonic projects to rebuild ruined ecosystems. On the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, the Outers, descendants of refugees from Earth's repressive regimes, have constructed a wild variety of self-sufficient cities and settlements: scientific utopias crammed with exuberant creations of the genetic arts; the last outposts of every kind of democratic tradition.
The fragile detente between the Outer cities and the dynasties of Earth is threatened by the ambitions of the rising generation of Outers, who want to break free of their cosy, inward-looking pocket paradises, colonise the rest of the Solar System, and drive human evolution in a hundred new directions. On Earth, many demand pre-emptive action against the Outers before it's too late; others want to exploit the talents of their scientists and gene wizards. Amid campaigns for peace and reconciliation, political machinations, crude displays of military might, and espionage by cunningly wrought agents, the two branches of humanity edge towards war . . .

About the Author

Paul McAuley was born in England on St George's Day 1955. He has worked as a research biologist in various universities, including Oxford and UCLA, and for six years was a lecturer in botany at St Andrews University. The first short story he ever finished was accepted by the American magazine "Worlds of If", but the magazine folded before publishing it and he took this as a hint to concentrate on an academic career instead. He started writing again during a period as a resident alien in Los Angeles, and is now a full time writer. His first novel, "Four Hundred Billion Stars", won the Philip K. Dick Memorial Award, and fifth, "Fairyland", won the 1995 Arthur C. Clarke and John W. Campbell Awards. His other novels include "Of the Fall", "Eternal Light", "Red Dust", "Pasquale's Angel", the three books of Confluence, "Child of the River", "Ancients of Days", and "Shrine of Stars", "The Secret of Life", "Whole Wide World", and "White Devils". He has also published the collections of short stories" The King of the Hill, The Invisible Country "and "Little Machines". A Doctor Who novella, "The Eye of the Tyger", was published by Telos Books in November 2003, forty years after the author was scared behind the couch by the Daleks. He lives in North London.
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ISBN: 9781591027812
ISBN-10: 1591027810
Publisher: Pyr
Publication Date: September 22nd, 2009
Pages: 405
Language: English