About the First Editions Club

What is a signed first edition? Why is it valuable?
A first edition is the original printing of a book. First editions are distinguished from subsequent printings, as they represent the closest edition in time and intent to the author's original work. A signed first edition is a unique addition to any library, and to dealers and collectors, a signed first edition is the most desirable--and valuable--edition.

What is Greenlight's First Edition Club?
Each month, Greenlight offers our First Editions Club subscribers a signed first edition of a recent publication. We hand-select from the best in quality fiction, selected non-fiction and poetry. A collection of signed first editions enhances any library and many signed first editions appreciate in value.

Why choose Greenlight’s FEC?
While potential value is important for any first editions club, we want our selections to be those that we stand by artistically, as well. We want them to be enjoyable – a book that will be read and not just collected. Additionally, your membership helps support Greenlight Bookstore, an independent, locally owned business.

What does it cost to join?
Greenlight offers both a 6 month and 12 month subscription. Click here to see the costs!

Why is there a one-time cost rather than a monthly cost?
Greenlight’s First Editions Club is a subscription service modeled after some very popular Cheese of the Month and Wine of the Month clubs. You just have to sign up once and you (or your intended recipient) receives our picks each month. And of course, it’s very easy to re-subscribe. We may offer an indefinite month-to-month plan in the future depending on demand, but for now this is the simplest and best option to offer our customers as we begin the program.

Are international subscriptions available?
Not at this time.

Can I give a gift subscription?
Absolutely! A gift subscription is a terrific present for loved ones. You may choose to give a gift membership for six months or twelve months. At checkout, make sure you select the “gift subscription” option. Greenlight also offers free gift wrapping, provided at your request. Once a gift subscription has been purchased, we’ll send the recipient a letter introducing them to the program.

How does Greenlight make its selections?
The Greenlight First Editions Club selection committee, a seasoned group of book world professionals, reads advance copies of books several months before their publication., We choose our selections based on a number of factors including publisher, print-run, author’s reputation, artistic merit, and enjoyability.

What if I don’t like a selection?
You can exchange any title under Greenlight’s normal return policy. No refunds, exchanges only. Exchanges will be for the value of the cover price of the book. We cannot guarantee a replacement title will be a signed first printing. Exchanges are limited to one title for six month subscriptions, two titles for twelve month subscriptions.

Does purchase of the First Edition Club subscription count toward the Friends of Greenlight Frequent Buyer Program?

Can teacher, student, senior citizen, or other discounts apply to the First Edition Club subscription?

Do you ever offer signed books other than your monthly FEC selections?
Yes! In our monthly e-mail to subscribers informing you of upcoming selections, we will periodically offer other signed first editions we think our members might be interested in. And, as always, you can visit our signed books webpage by clicking here.

How do I sign up?
You can purchase a six-month or twelve-month subscription online, or you can visit us in store and talk to one of our booksellers.

What if I have a question that’s not answered here?
Please call the store at (718) 246-0200 or email us at fec@greenlightbookstore.com